The Migration Politics Colloquium is founded and organized by a team of early-stage researchers spread over Germany who felt the need for an enhanced academic exchange on migration politics in Germany. Each one of us is working in various contexts on this matter, integration and citizenship studies, and related topics.

Marlene Neumann

Co-Founder of the Migration Policy Colloquium
PhD Researcher at University of Osnabrück

Marlene is a part time PhD student at the University of Osnabrück. Next to her work at the Welcome Center Heilbronn-Franken she researches Welcome Center in Germany with the aim of understanding when they emerge and what typ of understanding of migration underlie these processes in the regional migration regimes. 

Contact: maneumann [at]

Friederike Alm

Co-Founder of the Migration Policy Colloquium
PhD Researcher at University Frankfurt (Main)

In her PhD research project „The Politics of ‚Us‘ and ‚Them'“ Friederike studies the politics of immigration, citizenship and integration of Canada, France, and Germany since 1945. She uses comparative-historical methods to analyze the respective countries‘ trajectories. She is working on establishing a typology of these cases with which she hopes to make a conceptual ontribution to the fields of comparative politics and migration research. Friederike is a researcher at the Institute of Political Science at Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main. 

Contact: alm [at]

Anna Görg

Co-Founder of the Migration Policy Colloquium
PhD researcher at European University Viadrina
Scholarship holder of Hans-Böckler-Foundation
Managing Director at Institut for Social Movement Studies

In her dissertation project, Anna explores the determinants of immigration policy for migrant workers in the low-wage sector, arguing that it is not only about economic demand for cheap labor, but also about institutional, historical and discursive factors. Methodologically, she is interested in set-theoretic approaches, especially Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). Beyond migration governance, her research interests include border studies, asylum policy, and international relations (especially EU-Russia).

Contact: goerg [at]
Twitter: @a_goerg

Alexandra Berger

Incredibly organized Member of the Colloquium-Team
PhD Researcher at European University Flensburg & University Gent

Alexandra is doing a joint PhD at Europa-Universität Flensburg and Universiteit Gent in Belgium, with Europa-Universität Flensburg as the leading institution, where she also works as a research assistant. Her dissertation focuses on the European Union’s migration cooperation with origin and transit states. She examines the linkage between migration and development cooperation in the EU’s policies and the institutional relations in the EU policy field of migration-development. Alexandra teaches introduction to international relations and EU foreign policies. 

Contact: Alexandra.Berger [at]

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