What is the Colloquium all about?

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We understand this colloquium as an informal, free space where we put our brains together to work on the pitfalls, challenges and dead ends of each research project.

We have received many presentation proposals from around the world, and not all may be familiar with the German concept of ‘colloquium’, so we give a short explanation.


In contrast to an academic conference, an academic colloquium in the German research environment is something much more informal. No tie, no fancy PowerPoint presentation, no formal language is needed – though some kind of visualization of your talk would be nice to follow your thoughts more easily.

Work in Progress

In this colloquium, participants present mostly work in progress, research designs, and proposals without yet being able to give all the answers to the research questions. This is why we do not need polished mini-papers and also no super fancy and polished presentations. There is no research process without problems, and we would like to have presentations ‘with problems’ 

Free Space & More Brains

Particularly, since this is a peer-to-peer colloquium and we are all Ph.D. candidates, this is a free space where work in progress is presented and we mainly use this to create peer-to-peer contacts and to have more brains to think about each project presented. It is thus a space to generate ideas, rather than fancy and completely thought-through research findings.

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